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We Got YOU!


We offer ancient healing practices and cutting edge technology

that works by bringing wellness to mind, body, and soul.


Our goal is to bring all back into alignment so you are able to let go and create a life of wellness and balance.



Wild Flowers

Here at Fox Cities Wellness Center, our tag line is “WE GOT YOU!”  We have adopted the mindset of healing is a journey and moving through that journey requires the right tools and people to help guide you to your ultimate wellness and success. 


We understand that our body has an eco-system and a well-balanced life means our mind, body and soul needs attention.  We know life’s stresses can disturb any of these elements and knock you off center.   Some days you may be able to handle the challenges of life on your own and sometimes it’s better to have a helping hand to assist.  

We partner with several practitioners, counselors, nutritionists and homeopaths by referring and offering services at Fox Cities Wellness Center that will provide stepping stones to manage many life challenges, grief, improving focus, reducing anxiety, addressing addiction or other troubling, recurrent patterns in our lives to help us realize our life dreams, goals and desires are within reach.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Energy Healing


911 N Lynndale Dr.

Unit B

Appleton WI 54914

Tel: 920 - 716 - 4639 or 920 - 810 - 8545

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